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The world is our market

The world is our market

45 years of service to meet your needs. Always welcome requests for development of new experiences into the adhesive tape market.

Our experience has taught us that the market and the sector of origin of a customer must always meet the specific needs of an application and with respect to our philosophy we have developed over the years an exclusive Research and Development department at the forefront. We have the capability to study and provide personalized solutions. Identify technical features of each specific component of the tape and always obtain our products to their highest performance level.

Composed of 6 subsidiaries located in three continents; Sicad S.p.A. is the headquarter of production and sales, located in Northern Italy.

Sicad know-how to cover the finest quality with our best existing technologies and intend to a calibrates process of manufacturing vertical integration. Our production process begins from a careful analysis along with a selection of suppliers and raw materials which is developed with constant monitoring of the production phases.